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I think training your dog should be fun! I also think that dog behaviour and training go hand-in-hand, and if the training is right you cut down considerably the chance of the dog developing habits and behaviour that can cause a problem later.

A well-trained, suitably socialised and handled dog develops more self confidence, is generally content and relaxed, able to cope with day-to-day life and a pleasure to own.

We all need to know how to communicate with our dogs. We owe it to them to understand, as much as possible, how they see the world and in turn, teach them how we would like them to behave – and how to achieve it. What I try to do is to help you understand what makes your dog ‘tick’; to bridge the communications gap and build a working partnership based on trust and cooperation.

‘Animal Basics’ uses positive training methods such as food and toy/game rewards as well as the clicker. The dogs are allowed to work out what earns a reward and what does not. Training is graduated through a series of levels – each one builds on what was learned at the previous level and adds new targets. It all starts with puppies and progresses through to
Advanced. Adult dogs just joining are individually assessed to see what would be their best level at which to start.

Classes are held outside – at Minehead, Somerset - because that provides a more natural environment and where handler and dog often feel more at home. Indoor classes are held once a week for Puppies and Rally during the autumn and winter months. These are held at the EMN Community Hall, Monksilver.

‘Animal Basics’ also offers a service to cat owners ranging from holiday cat care, to helping kittens or adopted adult cats to settle into their new home, to problem behaviours such as aggression, house soiling or self mutilation.

There is nothing formal about working with ‘Animal Basics.’ The owners enjoy it, the animals enjoy it – and so do I!