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Services & Training Opportunities
Indoor classes are held once a week for Puppies and Rally during the Autumn and Winter months at the EMN Community Hall, Monksilver.

  • Group Obedience Training – is taught through a series of levels from Puppy up to advanced, each builds on what was learnt at the previous level and adds new targets. The classes are kept small. Adult dogs just joining are individually assessed to see what would be their best level at which to start.

  • Non-Leveller Groups available - basic obedience is required. These groups are for those owners who wish to come to training but do not want to work through the more formal level training.

  • ‘Fun’ Pet Dog Agility – groups run from early spring through to early autumn, weather dependant. Dogs wishing to bring their owners have to be a minimum of 1 year, be in good health and have a basic level of general obedience. Beginner up to more advanced classes are held.

  • Social Groups/Walks – held fortnightly are held in a field, outdoor school or local combe. These sessions help to build communication skills between the dogs and owners. Owners learn to ‘read’ the dogs body language more clearly, whilst building their understanding in a relaxed atmosphere. Initial one to one assessment is required.

  • Rally – is a fun and exciting sport, focusing on the relationship between dog and handler. Healthy dogs of any breed, age, size or with a disability are welcome. Basic obedience is required before beginning.

  • ’Fun’ Gun Dog – Ideal for owners who want to work with their dogs to develop their natural ability to retrieve, ‘hunt’ with you, learn self-control, keep focus and more, whilst having fun.

  • Walking Training – sessions last approximately 2 hours and take place in the natural surroundings of a combe. Working on the relationship between owner and dog, building focus and recall in challenging environments with other dogs and owners. Techniques are taught which will enhance positive interaction and fun!

  • Individual instruction – on a one to one basis either at the client’s home, Periton (Minehead) or other appropriate outdoor location. Each session generally lasts for 1 hour and considers the needs, ability and requirements of both client and their dog/s.

  • Behavioural Consultation – to help with the needs of you and your dog or cat. Each case is approached on an individual basis through veterinary referral. Cases come either directly via veterinary practices or via the owner; in this instance I will contact your veterinary practice with your permission. See ‘What is her dog training philosophy’ section for more details.
  • Public liability and professional indemnity insurance is held.