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"I got my first dog (Dilly, a Jack Russell Terrier x Cairn Terrier) about 18 months ago and the journey we are on is very rewarding. A large part of that has been meeting Janet and attending her classes, both one-to-one and group sessions, outside and in. I enjoy them as they are active, informative and fun, and I never feel silly asking the most basic of questions. She has enabled me to understand my dog, which for me has been invaluable.'


We called Janet as our Bassett Hound (Monty) was rather unruly. A week after training the improvement was quite dramatic. After more training he now sits, stays, lies down and is much more sociable with other dogs. Thank you Janet. A marvellous job well done and so worth the perseverance.

Peter, Kathy and Scott

Janet has been a fantastic trainer and has helped our boisterous Dalmatian puppy to become a great family pet (most of the time!). Training was well structured, insightful into his behaviour but most of all fun. Highly recommended. Many thanks from all of us.

AB, Taunton.

I would like to thank Janet for her help and support with Jess (a Jack Russell Terrier). Jess came to us from a rescue centre with various behaviour problems, the worst of which was socialising with other dogs.

Jess is more relaxed in the company of other dogs now, and we feel more confident with her meeting other dogs. Jess is a quick learner and a less nervous dog thanks to Janet. We would not hesitate to recommend Janet should you dog need a trainer as her calm and relaxed approach has certainly worked for us.

Lin and Steve Mudry, Taunton

I contacted Janet when my two Chihuahuas, Ruby and Poppy - both aged just over a year - had got into such bad habits that I was at my wits end! Neither would do anything I told them. Janet came to me and immediately took control. People say that Chihuahuas can not be trained but Janet has shown me that they can. On the very first session she had them both a lot calmer and taught them to ‘sit’ and ‘down’. Through continuing sessions, they will both now go away to their bed and stay there if I ask them to, they will come, down, sit and stay. Also, they will walk on the lead right by my side without pulling.

I used to take my dogs for a walk very early in the morning so that I wouldn’t bump into other dogs with their owners, as mine would bark aggressively. Janet very carefully selected some dogs known to her in order for us to have some socialisation training sessions. She has instilled a confidence in me to take control and know how to deal with them when they ‘misbehave’. I am now at the stage where we can go for a walk and 90per cent of the time they walk passed another dog paying not much attention at all. The remaining 10per cent of the time they may just bark once or twice and on command will quiet down and walk on.

My dogs will now happily walk alongside other dogs, big or small without even a glimmer of apprehension. None of this would have been possible without Janet. It is with HUGE thanks to Janet that I now have two beautiful, healthy, glowing, well behaved and sociable dogs that are an absolute pleasure to walk and own.

Lynda Smith

We have been using ‘Animal Basics’ since 2010 when we needed to find someone to walk our Cocker Spaniel, Ewan, on days we could not get home to let him out. Janet comes and walks him for half an hour twice a week, when needed. He enjoys his walk and what is really helpful is that Janet writes in Ewan’s report book each time she takes him out about how he has been and if he has a problem that may need some attention. Before Janet started to take him for walks he always thought he should go first. Well I think Janet must have replaced him with a lookalike as he is now a more calm and enjoyable little chap.

In November last year we thought about taking in a rescue cat. Janet was able to explain to us what to expect from Ewan. Janet came one evening after a call for help. Ewan would not stop barking at the cat, Pringles, and chasing him. We were given a written plan to follow along with the support we needed. It took six weeks following instructions and doing what Janet had suggested, we now have two very well behaved pets that get on most of the time. We always feel that Janet is only a phone call away, should we need advice. We would not hesitate to recommend Janet.

Rita and Alastair

The 1-2-1 training sessions were most helpful and Misty’s (a terrier) behaviour improved considerably as a result. I learned new commands to use and found the training exercises to be both fun and informative.

Janet had obviously planned each session particularly with misty in mind and I certainly appreciated the individual help and attention that I was given. I have no hesitation in recommending Janet in her role as an animal behaviourist.

Anne Bull

I have known Janet for the past five years. I have called on her professional service on numerous occasions often at very short notice when business has taken me out of the country.

Animal Basics is extremely well run and I have entrusted my cat, Alice, into her care knowing that she would be very well looked after by a person that thinks of her job as a vocation rather than just a job.

Janet has been thoughtful enough to keep me in touch, by text, about how Alice is wherever I am in the world; this has always been so much appreciated! Without doubt Janet goes the extra mile for the animals in her care and offers advice whenever appropriate. A few years ago Janet noticed that Alice had some clumps of matted fur which might need a visit to a veterinary surgeon. Her advice was well founded and the problem was quickly resolved. More recently I was concerned about Alice’s behavioural problems, having just moved into a new home, Janet offered sound advice which helped to resolve the problem. I have a very high regard for Janet and have always found her to be totally reliable, trustworthy and professional and I am sure that Alice would agree! I would recommend Janet to any prospective client.

Brigette Andrews

Janet has been walking my dog (a Chihuahua X Yorkshire Terrier) since I came to live in this area nearly three years ago and I can highly recommend her. She is reliable, knowledgeable in canine behaviour and, most importantly, kind to the dogs in her care. I am sure if my dog could speak she would say that Janet is one of her favourite humans!

Willys Jack

I have known Jan for four years.. She visited my home to look after Lennie, my Whippet, when I went to work for two days a week. Lennie was very nervous of other dogs due to illness preventing him socialising in his early years, and this would manifest in constant barking at other dogs he would meet while out walking. Jan managed to change this behaviour. Now Lennie is actually meeting dogs and enjoying the experience. Jan is a reliable, trustworthy person your pet could not be in better hands.

Mrs A. Barrow

I started taking my over exuberant whippet Korky to Janet’s classes when he was 10 months old. He used to bark and lunge at other dogs, pull on the lead and generally switch off when it suited him, especially on recall as off the lead he was a difficult puppy. Korky responded well to Janet’s training techniques and loved the classes! Being a sighthound recall is not always easy but I had a one to one session with Janet and practised her ideas which Korky responded to immediately. I can now take Korky anywhere; he will lie down and settle if we go out for lunch and stand and wait in a field next to me while I throw a ball for my other young dog. Friends and family regularly comment on his good behaviour. Safety is a high priority with all dogs but sighthounds are exceptionally fast ; the gate and car training techniques that I have learnt from Janet has proved invaluable for both our dogs.